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Franklin Manor: A Haven of Luxury and Convenience in Strahan

Franklin Manor Strahan

Unveil the Enchanting Tale of Franklin Manor Strahan

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Delaware, Franklin Manor Strahan whispers secrets of a bygone era. This magnificent estate, a testament to opulence and architectural grandeur, beckons history buffs and lovers of the extraordinary.

With its intricate stonework, towering turrets, and sweeping verandahs, Franklin Manor Strahan embodies a sense of nostalgia and understated elegance. Yet, beneath its alluring facade lie tales of intrigue, tragedy, and enduring legacy.

The Enigmatic History of Franklin Manor Strahan

Franklin Manor Strahan's journey through time is etched upon its walls. Built in the early 1900s by a wealthy industrialist, it was the epitome of lavish living, a stage for lavish parties and social gatherings. However, tragedy struck in the 1920s when the family patriarch mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions.

Preserving the Legacy of Franklin Manor Strahan

Today, Franklin Manor Strahan stands as a testament to its illustrious past, its restoration a labor of love undertaken by preservationists and historians. Its opulent rooms, adorned with original chandeliers and period furniture, transport visitors back to a time of gilded grandeur. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the lives of the manor's former occupants and the secrets that its walls conceal.

Rediscovering the Grandeur of Franklin Manor Strahan

Franklin Manor Strahan serves as a living monument to the resilience of history. Its restoration is a testament to the importance of preserving cultural heritage and ensuring that future generations can appreciate the architectural masterpieces of the past.


Franklin Manor Strahan, a captivating historical landmark in Delaware, embodies opulence, intrigue, and enduring legacy. Its grand facade and restored interior tell the story of a bygone era, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the mystery and grandeur that surrounds this architectural gem. Preserved as a monument to its rich history, Franklin Manor Strahan continues to enchant and inspire, ensuring that the stories of its past will captivate generations to come.

Franklin Manor, The Grandeur of Strahan

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of New South Wales, Franklin Manor stands as a testament to the opulent grandeur of yesteryear. Built in the 1830s by Edward Cox, a wealthy pastoralist and politician, this magnificent property has witnessed over a century of history. Today, Franklin Manor is a beloved tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the life of the Australian colonial elite.

Mansion in Australia

Architectural Marvel

Franklin Manor is a majestic example of Georgian architecture, characterized by its symmetrical facade, grand portico, and elegant proportions. The mansion features a sandstone exterior and a slate roof, giving it a timeless and stately appearance. Intricate carvings and wrought-iron balconies adorn its exterior, adding to its charm.

Inside the Manor

Step inside Franklin Manor, and be transported back in time. The spacious interior boasts high ceilings, polished timber floors, and intricate plasterwork. The main hall leads to a series of grand rooms, each with its own unique character and purpose. The drawing room, with its ornate fireplace and crystal chandelier, exudes an aura of sophistication, while the dining room is perfect for hosting lavish banquets.

Dining room in Australia

The Cox Family

Edward Cox, the original owner of Franklin Manor, was a prominent figure in Australian society. A successful pastoralist, he played a significant role in developing the wool industry in New South Wales. Cox and his family lived in the manor for over 40 years, hosting grand parties and entertaining the local elite.

A Place of Remembrance

Today, Franklin Manor is a museum that tells the story of the Cox family and the history of the property. Visitors can explore the rooms, admire the original furnishings, and learn about the lives of the people who called this grand house their home. The manor is also a popular venue for weddings, receptions, and other special events.

Wedding in Australia

The Estate

Surrounding the mansion is the vast Franklin Manor Estate. The property encompasses over 1,000 acres of land, including manicured gardens, rolling hills, and native bushland. Visitors can wander through the gardens, admiring the colorful flowerbeds and stately trees. The estate also offers opportunities for picnics, hiking, and birdwatching.

Guided Tours

The best way to experience Franklin Manor is through a guided tour. Led by knowledgeable docents, these tours provide insights into the history, architecture, and daily life of the Cox family. Tours are available daily during operating hours.

Guided tour in Australia

Educational Programs

Franklin Manor also offers educational programs for school groups and the general public. These programs focus on various aspects of Australian history and culture. The manor's hands-on activities make learning fun and engaging for all ages.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Franklin Manor hosts a variety of special events, including historical reenactments, art exhibitions, and music concerts. These events provide unique opportunities to experience the manor in a different light.

Special event in Australia

Historical Significance

Franklin Manor is listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register, recognizing its historical and architectural significance. It is one of the few remaining grand mansions from the colonial era, offering a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy and influential Australians of the time.

Restoration and Preservation

Over the years, Franklin Manor has undergone extensive restoration and preservation efforts. The National Trust of Australia has played a significant role in maintaining the property's historical integrity. The manor's original features, furnishings, and gardens have been carefully preserved, ensuring that future generations can continue to appreciate its beauty and significance.

Restoration in Australia


Franklin Manor stands as a testament to the architectural, social, and historical heritage of Australia. This magnificent property offers a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of the past and gain insights into the lives of the people who shaped the nation's history. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, or simply admiring beautiful surroundings, Franklin Manor is a must-visit destination that will leave you captivated.


Q1. What is the architectural style of Franklin Manor? A1. Georgian architecture

Q2. Who was the original owner of Franklin Manor? A2. Edward Cox

Q3. When was Franklin Manor built? A3. 1830s

Q4. Is Franklin Manor open to the public? A4. Yes, as a museum

Q5. Are there any special events held at Franklin Manor? A5. Yes, including historical reenactments, art exhibitions, and music concerts

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